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How to Effectively Break a Soul Tie

Are you having trouble letting go of your ex? Is missing and thinking about your ex making it difficult for you to move on? In this video, I answer the questions: What is a soul tie and how do you break one?

What is a Soul Tie?

A Soul Tie is a spiritual/ emotional connection you have with someone after being intimate with them, usually by engaging in intercourse. It makes it difficult to move on and let go of them.

How Soul Ties are Broken

  • Fasting helps you to starve your flesh and increase your spirit

  • Pray for strength to endure the process

  • Strength to release the person emotionally and spiritually

Cleaning Up The Residue That Draws You Back

  • Get rid of the things that remind you of the relationship and the person

  • Cut all communication with your ex (It's not easy but it is necessary for you to heal)

  • The moment you cut that cord your healing will accelerate

  • Be patient

  • Expect Spiritual Warfare (The enemy will try to come at you with shame and guilt)

Prayer Points for Breaking Soul Ties

Prayer points for breaking soul ties

Why Fasting is Important?

The purpose of fasting is to starve your flesh and feed your spirit. Our flesh has been ruler over us most of our lives and it was used to doing what it wanted when it wanted. Our flesh is behind all the dumb decisions that we make at times. We say all kinds of things and act in all kinds of ways that are opposite to God's ways. Therefore we fast to give the Holy Spirit control over us instead of our flesh which only gets us into trouble.

A Snip of the Video

"As you are leaving the lifestyle, you may still have feelings for your ex. You may think that you are in a position to be friends with them and be in constant contact with them without being tempted, but coming from personal experience, it is not worth the risk of backsliding by trying to hold on to something that has been told to you to let go."

Click HERE to watch the full video.


About Made Whole

Made Whole's mission is to create safe spaces, educational content, and tools to

equip those who God has called out of the homosexual lifestyle with the resources they need to build a relationship with God, maintain their freedom, and walk into their divine purpose.

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