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How Do I Let Go of My Ex? | Leaving Homosexuality

Are you struggling with guilt and shame from having to leave your partner behind to leave the homosexual lifestyle? Do you feel like you're caught in a cycle of backsliding with your ex because you can't seem to release them? This video is for you.

You're not helping your ex by staying

Choosing to stay with your ex will only hurt both of you. At the same time, you are disobeying God and holding up your deliverance. This process can include feelings of shame and guilt and it will move you to want to stay. It took me three times to finally let her go because I was so consumed with the shame and the guilt of leaving her. I was worried about what would happen to her when I left?.

How God helped me to release my ex

  1. I had to understand who God was and who I was not

  2. Understanding that God's timing is not our timing (Your ex doesn't have to be saved at the same time as you, it is your time and not theirs)

  3. I had to trust God with my ex

A Snip of the video

Sometimes we find ourselves trying to be God in situations that we have no control over. God is sovereign, he is in control and is responsible for his people. Once I understood that I was not god and that God was God, it helped me to release that weight and guilt that I had been carrying around. I understood that I didn't have the power to deliver her. Ultimately we have to understand that we cannot carry the same weight that God does. We're not designed to carry that weight.

Click HERE to watch the full video.

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Made Whole's mission is to create safe spaces, educational content, and tools to

equip those who God has called out of the homosexual lifestyle with the resources they need to build a relationship with God, maintain their freedom, and walk into their divine purpose.

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