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Dealing With Loneliness After A Breakup | Ex-Lesbian

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Let's be honest... breakups suck. What's even worse is the loneliness experienced going from spending every day with someone to not talking to them at all. In this video, I transparently share my experience of leaving a 5-year relationship and managing loneliness.

Give yourself time to adjust.

No matter how long you've been in the relationship, there was a harmony and level of comfort built between you and your ex. It takes time to get used to not having them around. Give yourself the time to grieve, but also take this opportunity to pour into yourself. You deserve the same level of love that you've given to others.

Isolation isn't the same as being alone.

Sometimes, God puts us in a season where it has to be just you and Him. This season can feel very lonely, but it's also an amazing time to build your relationship with God. In this season of loneliness, I developed the most intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and opened myself up to new friendships.

Don't numb the pain...choose to heal.

When you're heart is broken anything that offers temporary relief will begin to call your name ...alcohol, sex, drugs, and friendships that are more than friendly. Make the choice to seek the Holy Spirit for comfort instead of those things (2 Corinthians 1:3). One leads to emptiness and the other leads to love and fulfillment.

Click HERE to watch the full video.


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Made Whole's mission is to create safe spaces, educational content, and tools to

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